Critical Vision Consulting: An Optometry Blog

Critical Vision Consulting: An Optometry Blog

  • Could You Be in the Process of Developing a Cataract?

    Have you noticed some issues with your eyesight recently? Do you find it difficult to focus on something that is in the middle distance? Alternatively, have you noticed some rings or halos around bright lights at night? Such signs could be associated with a cataract formation, which is not unusual but may need some attention. What do you need to know about this eye condition? Commonplace Eye Condition  Cataracts will affect a large number of Australians as they reach older age.

  • Do You Keep Postponing Cataract Surgery?

    Your eye health is crucial for your overall wellbeing, as your vision has a significant impact on your daily life. Yet, once some people's eye health starts degrading, they tend to underrate the seriousness of the matter. Instead, they will put off seeking medical intervention until the last possible minute. The problem with this approach is that you are proactively waiting for the issue to worsen, and, in some scenarios, the gradual damage acquired could be irreparable.

  • 3 Fundamental Tips to Consider for Orthokeratology Treatment

    If you have eyesight problems due to conditions like myopia or astigmatism, think about the potential benefits of orthokeratology. This procedure is favourable because it reduces and even eliminates dependence on spectacles and contact lenses. In general, orthokeratology involves reshaping the cornea using gas-permeable lenses. These products are worn in the night and removed in the morning, allowing the user to see clearly without the use of glasses or contact lens.

  • Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Diabetic Retinopathy

    Diabetic retinopathy is a disease that affects people with diabetes. It mostly targets their eyes and can lead to blindness. Here are frequently asked questions about diabetic retinopathy: Why Does Diabetic Retinopathy Occur? The problem usually arises when diabetic people are not careful about their sugar intake, which leads to an excess of sugar or glucose deposit in blood vessels. It may take a while for wider blood vessels to be affected, but smaller blood vessels do not usually have a chance.

  • The Differences Between Optometrists And Ophthalmologists

    With millions of Australians suffering from visual impairments that range from complete blindness to slightly impaired vision it is no surprise that an entire industry has been established to treat these needs. Perhaps the two most important roles in this industry are those of an optometrist and an ophthalmologist, but unless you are quite familiar with their qualifications and described purposes you may not know the difference. It is important to know which one you need and what to expect when you have an appointment with one.

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