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Do You Keep Postponing Cataract Surgery?

Enni Marttila

Your eye health is crucial for your overall wellbeing, as your vision has a significant impact on your daily life. Yet, once some people's eye health starts degrading, they tend to underrate the seriousness of the matter. Instead, they will put off seeking medical intervention until the last possible minute. The problem with this approach is that you are proactively waiting for the issue to worsen, and, in some scenarios, the gradual damage acquired could be irreparable.

Cataracts, in particular, may not present with terrifying symptoms at the onset. Typically, patients will experience vision problems in dim or poorly illuminated spaces, occasional blurred eyesight and so on. These symptoms stem from the clouding that occurs in the eye's lens. If not addressed, the clouding worsens, and your vision becomes severely impaired. If you have been thinking that you can put off cataract surgery for a while longer, check out the following reasons to stop postponing this procedure.

Cataract surgery will restore your eye health

Without question, the foremost reason why you should stop postponing cataract surgery is to restore your eye health. A presumption that some patients have is that similar to other vision problems, cataract surgery can easily be remedied by simply wearing protective eyewear. But they are sorely mistaken.

What these patients do not take into consideration is that the cloudiness that forms on the lens will only spread with time. Thus, while your vision may seem hazy at the beginning, overlooking cataract surgery puts you at an increased threat of loss of vision in the affected eye. The only way to remedy this issue would be by extracting the clouded lens and having it replaced by an artificial lens. The sooner you have this done, the better your overall eye health.

Cataract surgery will restore your quality of life

Living with cataracts can drastically decrease your quality of life in various ways. For starters, having a cataract makes it difficult for you to enjoy winding down since you will have difficulties with reading a book, watching TV, doing a crossword puzzle and whatever else you like doing during your free time.

Moreover, living with a cataract puts you at an increased threat of injuries since your vision and depth perception is adversely affected. Hence, you are more susceptible to hitting yourself against furniture, falling down flights of stairs and other accidents that would lead to injuries that mandate medical intervention. Therefore, you end up spending money on hospital bills regardless. To maintain your mobility and restore your quality of life, it is advisable to stop postponing cataract surgery.

For more information about cataract surgery, contact a local eye doctor.


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