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3 Fundamental Tips to Consider for Orthokeratology Treatment

Enni Marttila

If you have eyesight problems due to conditions like myopia or astigmatism, think about the potential benefits of orthokeratology. This procedure is favourable because it reduces and even eliminates dependence on spectacles and contact lenses. In general, orthokeratology involves reshaping the cornea using gas-permeable lenses. These products are worn in the night and removed in the morning, allowing the user to see clearly without the use of glasses or contact lens. If you are interested in orthokeratology, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Choose a Specialist 

The right specialist is crucial for successful orthokeratology. Therefore, choose a qualified optometrist to match your needs when you decide to begin the treatment. A good optometrist should have experience with the procedure to ensure the process is smooth and efficient. Inquire about the qualifications of different experts and consider their reputation and patient satisfaction. The location is also an important factor. Orthokeratology requires multiple sessions, so an accessible office is more favourable.

2. Discuss Suitability

Orthokeratology is useful for treating and managing numerous conditions. However, the procedure is not suitable for all people with eyesight problems. Therefore, discuss the potential benefits of the process for your specific states. The most suitable candidates for orthokeratology are individuals with mild or moderate vision problems due to refractive errors. Younger patients are particularly compatible with the method. Unlike surgical treatments, this approach is low risk and has no permanent effect on eye tissues. Moreover, the reshaping of the cornea slows down myopia in children. If you are not suitable for orthokeratology, discuss alternative treatments with the optometrist.

3. Follow the Guidelines

The initial fitting procedure for the gas permeable lenses is quite simple. The optometrist will evaluate and measure the shape of your cornea to determine the best approach to creating corrective products. In some cases, the specialist will provide lenses on the same day if they have appropriate inventory for your eyes. However, customisation might be required in certain situations, necessitating a short delay before the treatment begins.

Keep in mind that the optometrist will provide clear guidelines on the use of lenses for orthokeratology. For example, you will need to wear the products for a certain period every night for results. Do not ignore the instructions because the cornea will recover the original shape if you do not comply. Also, multiple sessions are required during treatment, especially for advanced vision problems. Do not skip appointments if you would like to guarantee good results.


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