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Tips For Buying The Right Pair Of Prescription Glasses For Your Child

Enni Marttila

If you've recently found out that your child needs to wear prescription glasses, then you have probably begun the hunt for a suitable pair to buy for them. As you may soon find out, buying the glasses is relatively simple but getting your child to actually wear them may not be such an easy task. Here are some tips for buying glasses for children that will make the process as stress-free as possible.

Let them help choose

Wearing glasses may make your child feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Letting them choose a style that they like is a way to let them have some control over the situation. By giving them the choice, they can use the glasses to project their own unique style.

Kid's glasses can be fun, quirky, and colourful and may not always appeal to an adult's taste. Don't try to steer your child toward a style that you prefer, or you may end up with a child who refuses to wear their glasses.

Choose the right material

Kids are notoriously tough on glasses, so make sure that the glasses you buy them are up to the task. They will be reluctant to wear them if they are treated like precious objects that can't be worn during vigorous activities or need to be handled with too much care during cleaning and storage.

Choose a tough polycarbonate lens with a scratch proof coating instead of regular lenses. Make sure that the frames are made from flexible but sturdy material that isn't liable to crack or bend if it's mistreated.

Make sure they're comfortable

No matter how much they like the frames, kids won't wear glasses that feel uncomfortable or fit them poorly. Common complaints are that the glasses hurt their nose or ears and that they slip off when they're running or playing.

Having the glasses properly fitted by an optician is the key to comfort. They will make tiny adjustments to the way the glasses sit on your child's head. This will ensure that there are no pressure points and that the glasses stay where they're meant to be.

Wearing glasses might not be something that your child does willingly at first. However, taking care of their visual health is important, especially when it comes to their education. By following these tips, you may find that your child shows less resistance to wearing their glasses. In time, they may even come to love them.


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